The Tactics of Every Single EURO 2020 Team

Your ultimate guide to the formations, playing styles, and strategic nuances of EURO 2020's behemoths, underdogs, and the already-eliminated.

Group A


Qualified for the knockouts? Yes

Formation/s: 4-3-3

Style: Press and possess with verticality

Manager: Roberto Mancini

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We kickstart this whole thing with maybe the most refined side of the tournament from a tactical perspective. For the full breakdown, go here. The SparkNotes version is that Roberto Mancini’s Italy play an extremely vertical brand of football for an international team. Unlike most possession-based powerhouses at this level (and even on the club scene), Italy are constantly looking to break lines from a 4-3-3 that quickly morphs into a back three, with the right back tucking inside. Left winger Lorenzo Insigne will also drift into the halfspace across from right central midfielder Nicolò Barella, putting immense pressure on the center.

When you add in Manuel Locatelli’s late runs and Domenico Berardi’s ability to keep the width and drift inwards, Italy have perhaps the most incisive attack in Europe. Everything is built around trying to hit tiny gaps in opposition defensive structures and they have the passers, positional interchanges, and technical quality to make good on their intentions.

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