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The Champions League is back and so is more exclusive content from Tactical Rant! In addition to the occasional paywalled piece, I will now be adding any article I do on the Champions League, such as tactical breakdowns, analysis of cool player performances, bigger picture write ups, and whatever comes to mind when watching the best competition in football, to the collection.

If that’s not enough to make you budge, consider this: a 25% discount available until October 31st.

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Also note that there is a 2-week free trial in case you wanted to know what you were getting without having to cough up any cash.

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Once you activate either the free trial or the discount, scroll through the archive and enjoy access to series like the one I did on floor raising and ceiling raising in football coaching, some early (and prescient tactical analysis) on eventual EURO 2020 Champions Italy, and a deep dive into the history of defensive tactics and how they’ve evolved over time.

And, of course, all the free stuff is reflective of what you’ll get with a subscription.

Additionally, there is a student discount available, which is 70% off! A surprisingly few number of people have gone for this while choosing the more expensive options. All you have to do is shoot me an email at omarvindsports@gmail.com and tell me what university you go to. I’ll promptly send you a link to set you up with the cheapest special offer on the table.

If you aren’t a university student and want the paywall goodies but feel that the cost is prohibitive, feel free to get in touch via email or on twitter and we can sort something out. I’m doing this whole newsletter thing to make it as a football writer and support myself financially, but also because I love communicating interesting and insightful things about the sport.

Part of achieving that goal involves hoping that readers will support independent content creators to sustain high-quality football writing at a time when we’re swamped by clickbait and nonsensical hot-takes, but I understand it’s not that simple. We’re not made of money and there’s probably an endless amount of people you would toss a few bucks to if you could. That’s why I appreciate any share, any like, any comment, and gesture. It’s also why I’m willing to adjust with each individual subscriber to ensure that you can join the Tactical Rant army.

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