What do you want as a paid subscriber?

Three weeks in and I think I’ve done alright. The articles I’ve written, which you can read here, here, and here, all got solid engagement and I’ve racked up 223 free subscribers in the process.

This is all well and good, but eventually I want to be able to buy some food.

I can beg for money, though I suspect the better strategy is to give people stuff they think is worth paying for.

I have some ideas:

  • A weekly “observations” column where I take you through all the interesting things I saw in the prior week of world football, focusing on tactical nuances and particular aspects of player performances.

  • Exclusive access to any piece I write on a historical player or team.

  • Being able to interact and ask questions as I talk through and analyze a game (or portions of a game) in a monthly live Zoom meeting. Could be more frequent if it’s of major interest.

  • A monthly Q&A, probably set up on Zoom or Discord

If you like this, don’t like this, or have any other suggestions (i.e. creation of a discussion community, types of articles, etc.), please hit me up in the comments or on twitter.

The rate for paid subscriptions will be: $7 per month and $60 per year; $100 per year if you want to be a “Founding Member” because you really like me for some bizarre reason.

I’ve also set up a student discount, since I know that much of my audience will be young and broke (like me!). Simply email me (omarvindsports@gmail.com) and let me know where you study and I’ll send you a link that’ll give you 70% off for a year!