Welcome to Tactical Rant

Words and video on the most interesting trends in men's and women's football

Most of you probably know me as the Real Madrid nerd who goes off on infamous tactical rants on the Managing Madrid podcast. While I remain a Madridista and will continue to bore Kiyan, Matt, and Grant to death on the pods, I would like to expand my range and migrate most of my written content to my substack: Tactical Rant. The goal is to one day support myself (at least somewhat) with my writing.

So, what do you get as a subscriber?

Hopefully thorough, nuanced, and relatively easy-to-understand breakdowns of the most interesting teams and players in men’s and women’s football; stuff like this, this, and this. Now think far more regularly, on a much wider variety of teams and players, and with a more balanced blend between words and video.

Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue, which will be a tactical preview of the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final between Chelsea and Barcelona. Probably coming this Friday.

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