Testimonials from subscribers

"While many others pandemic substacks have faded into the background, it was a no-brainer for me to renew my subscription to Tactical Rant. Om consistently pops into my inbox with pieces answering questions I was just thinking about a few days before. Whether it's translating useful basketball lingo like floor and ceiling raising into soccer speak, or breaking down the occupation of half spaces with a Spanish Futfem coach, it is a consistent bright spot in my inbox and makes no trip to the toilet a boring one." - Kieran Doyle (paid subscriber)

"Om is one of the best tacticians in the media space right now so it was the easiest decision to subscribe to his Substack when it became an option. Not only does he read the game well and explain things accessibly, he also teaches me new things about the game of football on a regular basis." - Jon Mackenzie (paid subscriber)

“As tactics writing continues to grow online, Om continues to blaze his own trail in the field; he is one of the most observant tactics writers there is. It doesn’t matter if he’s explaining a broad concept or the minute details, Om’s writing is always insightful and entertaining.” - Robbie Dunne (paid subscriber)

“Om's tactical analysis of the women's game is both in depth and holistic. The analysis he provides of the games themselves are some of the best you'll read. What makes it even more unique is his ability to tie in what is happening around teams, players and leagues which gives readers more context. He finds a good balance of genuinely caring about the state of the women's game and its growth and being realistic and critical when needed.” - Arden Holden (founding member)